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Choose from one of our three fantastic rooms:

Lord Barrington Smyth is being blackmailed, the culprit has been identified as dodgy Birmingham private investigator Doug Spade. We need you to access Spade's office and retrieve the evidence!

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Lord Barrington needs you to recover a stolen statue of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet. Dare you enter the Mystic's Cabin?

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Lord Barrington has a challenge for you: enter the Labyrinth, rescue the Minotaur, and see how many tokens you can collect in the process!

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Note on Difficulty

The difficulty of a room is subjective, and depends on a range of factors, including the size of the team, and the level of experience. The level of difficulty might reasonably be adjusted using the following points:

So a team of two that have never played an escape room before should add a star to the difficulty rating of a room.
We recommend Blackmail for new players as a great introduction to escape rooms, The Mystic's Cabin is a tough room and will challenge all but the most experienced players.

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