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Read on to learn a bit about our journey and key dates in our history

It's our birthday!

Saturday, 13th April 2024

It's our birthday!

It's been five years since our very first game in Blackmail!

New record in Blackmail

Saturday, 18th November 2023

E$C@peR5 set new fastest time in Blackmail

The record stood for nearly three years before E$C@peR5 came along, and they took over three minutes off it! 20 minutes and 30 seconds, can this time ever be beaten?

Terpeca Nominated

Monday, 6th November 2023

TERPECA Nominated!

Labyrinth: Lord Barrington's Folly nominated for The Escape Room Project's Enthusiast Choice Awards! We're absolutely delighted to be listed on a page of the world's best escape rooms!

Escape Brum

Thursday, 2nd November 2023

Welcome El!

Just in time for the Christmas rush, El joins the Escape Brum team!

Escape Brum

Friday, 6th October 2023

Welcome Amir!

With the departures of Olivia and Abbie over the summer we've been on the recruitment trail, Amir joins the team!

Team Squared in Labyrinth

Sunday, 11th June 2023... 12:45

Labyrinth beaten for 2nd time!

Team Squared head in to Labyrinth, and 41 minutes 27 seconds later they are out with 40 tokens! The 2nd team to retrieve them all, and over 10 minutes quicker than the previous record!

Team Squared in The Mystic's Cabin

Sunday, 11th June 2023... 11:45

Team Squared set new Cabin record!

Team Squared are back in Birmingham, and not holding back! A new record in The Mystic's Cabin, only the 2nd team to go under 30 minutes, and beating the old record by nearly 5 minutes! 21:47 Incredible.

Escape Brum

Thursday, 2nd March 2023

Welcome Abbie!

A busy Christmas and new year period has resulted in a new hire! Abbie joins the team!

Labyrinth: Lord Barrington's Folly

Saturday, 17th December 2022

Labyrinth has been beaten!

We didn't expect it to happen this quickly, but congratulations to #Altogaldem, the first team to retrieve all 40 tokens from Labyrinth!

Labyrinth: Lord Barrington's Folly

Wednesday, 28th September 2022

Labyrinth is finally open!

It's been a long time in the making, but Labyrinth: Lord Barrington's Folly hosts its first game! A game with two objectives - you don't just need to escape, but also collect as many tokens as possible!

Escape Brum front door

Friday, 9th September 2022

Welcome Olivia

With Jai heading off to uni we welcome Olivia to the Escape Brum team!

Puzzle Post: The Scandal

Monday, 18th July 2022

PuzzlePost now in stock

Added to our range of Exit! games we're now stocking PuzzlePost games too. Prices start at £9.99 for Elf HQ rising to £15.99 for The Scandal.

The Mystic's Cabin

Sunday, 12th June 2022

How Quick?!?

The Mystic's Cabin has proved a tricky proposition since the COVID update, but after nearly 400 games Ferngate are the first team to crack the 30 minute barrier! In fact they knocked nearly 5 minutes off the previous fastest time setting a new record of 26:43. Wow!

Litter Pick

Friday, 8th April 2022

Giving something back... or maybe taking something away?

Lee & Jai spent some time with the JQ clean team, picking litter. One full bag taken off the streets in a little over an hour!


Tuesday, 25th January 2022

Masks are off

We're delighted to have teams back in playing games without the need to wear face masks, hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

Clueless Wonders

Sunday, 19th December, 2021

New fastest time in The Mystic's Cabin

Only Jai's 3rd day and he's witnessed the fastest ever time in the Mystic's Cabin! Clueless Wonders, with only the 6th sub 40 minute time, set the target with 31:12

Jai ready to go

Friday, 17th December, 2021

Welcome Jai!

After all the chaos of the last year and a half, we're finally taking on our first permanent team member! With Jai working Friday to Sunday each week, we're now able to run Blackmail and The Mystic's Cabin simultaneously.


Friday, 19th November 2021


What a fantastic and beautiful event: Ash proposed to Unique at the end of Blackmail after finding the engagement ring at the end of the game! Congratulations! (Unique said yes)

New Room

Friday, 5th November 2021

New room coming... sometime

The starting point for room 3, a big pile of wood delivered today! Not sure when it will be ready, and we're not giving any details away on the theme, we'll keep you posted!

Unleashed Unlocked

Monday, 26th July 2021

Unleashed Unlocked

After posting the 5th fastest time in Blackmail, Unleashed Unlocked have posted a new fastest time in The Mystic's Cabin with 32:34! Moving ever closer to that 30 minute threshold.

Exit! Games

Monday, 17th May 2021

Exit! Games now in

We're now selling Exit! games in our reception area. With a range of titles available, buy one for £15 or two for £25

Escape Brum front door

Monday, 12th April 2021

Open Again!

It's been over 6 months, and we are finally open again! There are some restrictions, but we're looking forward to getting teams back in again!


Wednesday, 4th November 2020

Closed again :(

It's been less than three months since we opened up after the first lockdown, and we have to close again. Hopefully it won't be for too long, stay safe.

The Mystic's Cabin

Sunday, 30th August 2020

New fastest time in The Mystics Cabin

Team Reprobates with the first sub 40 minute time in the new set up of The Mystic's Cabin! Well done - 39:41. The adjustment has definitely made the room harder!

Escape Brum front door

Saturday, 15th August 2020

We are open for business!

Lockdown is long ended, carpets have been pulled up and replaced; Blackmail and The Mystic's Cabin await you!


Saturday, 1st August 2020

New carpets

Dealing with insurance loss adjusters and finding a carpet fitter during a global pandemic... a really slow process! Still we're nearly there; reset of the room, a couple of tests and we'll be back open soon.


Wednesday, 17th June 2020


Can't believe it: making final prep for reopening and a huge rainstorm has overloaded the drains. Water everywhere, not sure the carpets will survive this, might have to delay reopening :(

The Mystic's Cabin

Friday, 1st May 2020

Cabin Adjustment

Lockdown has afforded us the opportunity to make a small adjustment to The Mystic's Cabin - we've added an extra puzzle to make it a little more difficult. As a result we have retired the existing leaderboard and will start afresh when we reopen.


Thursday, 26th March 2020

COVID Lockdown

It seemed inevitable, and now it is confirmed: we are closed until further notice due to the government imposed national lockdown. Fingers crossed it won't last too long.

Ole's At The Wheel

Saturday, 25th January 2020

Woah! New record in Blackmail

Absolutely incredible performance from Ole's At The Wheel, absolutely flawless from start to finish, and a time to match: 23:42. Just WOW! (Seems to be the month for fast times!)

Bored Gamers

Sunday, 19th January 2020

Well that didn't last long!

Bored Gamers have just obliterated The Mystic's Cabin in 21:08. That's ridiculous. There's only two of them. Starting to think we should be making the game a bit more difficult...


Friday, 17th January 2020

New record in The Mystic's Cabin

#Altogaldem are the first team to go sub 30 minutes in The Mystic's Cabin, and we've not even had 50 teams through the room yet. 24:47 Well Done.

The Mystic's Cabin

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019

The Mystic's Cabin is open!

Dare you enter the Mystic's Cabin? Lord Barrington needs you to retrieve a lost statue of Bastet thought to be hidden within her walls. Thanks to Team Kibblewhite for being the first through the door.

Lee back at work

Monday, 4th November 2019

I'm Back!!

A successful operation, 4 weeks of bed rest and recuperation: we're back open! Working through a backlog of games of those that graciously agreed to postpone - thank you!

Spine problems

Wednesday, 25th September 2019


A long term back issue has taken a turn for the worse, I'm incapacitated and I have had to close Escape Brum. 50 games either postponed or cancelled, and an operation looking like the only remaining option - which will require 4-6 weeks of recovery.

New Room Coming Soon

Wednesday, 18th September 2019

New room in final testing!

Been working flat out through the summer trying to get the second room open, we're now doing final testing - shouldn't be long now.

Old Joe

Thursday, 18th July 2019

Old Joe set a new record

Sensational time in Blackmail from Old Joe, they were really going for it: 25:57. Can this ever be beaten? Only the second time under 30 minutes.

Break In

Friday, 5th July 2019

Break In

Why? We've had a break in, only thing taken was the CCTV box used to run Blackmail. Fortunately nothing was damaged apart from a couple of doors. Can't believe they just kicked their way through the reinforced glass panel next to the front door!

Team Squared -1

Friday, 18th June 2019

Team Squared -1

Had the pleasure of a visit from Team Squared (unbelievable level of experience - 2 of the team have played 1300 rooms!). Fascinating to watch them play Blackmail so calmly and methodically, no rush just working through and understanding everything. 29:00 our first sub 30 minute time - incredible!

Knock It Back Like Philip

Saturday, 13th April 2019

Blackmail's first game

The first team to play Blackmail! Huge relief to have a team play the game, and everything run smoothly. Thanks for taking a shot on a new small business Knock It Back Like Philip, who escaped with a very respectable 56:40

Escape Brum front door

Wednesday, 10th April 2019

Open at last!

The venue is ready, the website is live, Blackmail awaits its first players! It's taken a huge amount of effort to get to this point, and so proud to reach this milestone in the journey: Escape Brum is open for business!