Frequently Asked Questions

What is your position with regard to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection?Chevron

As of Friday 20th March we are closing our doors in accordance with the government request for all indoor leisure activities to shut.

As we have no idea when we might be able to reopen we won't take any new bookings for the time being, in the meantime we suggest the purchase of a gift voucher ready for when we do open again.

For customers that have already booked a game with us within the next few weeks we can now assume it is unlikely to go ahead as planned. We are happy to either postpone the game, or cancel and refund it if preferred.

What is an Escape Room?Chevron

An Escape Room is an experience activity where a group of people are put/locked in a room and must find and solve a series of puzzles in order to solve or escape the room

Think Crystal Maze only instead of one person having three minutes to complete one puzzle you have 60 minutes for a team to complete 20 interconnected puzzles.

How many people can play at once?Chevron

Our rooms can take teams of two to six players per game. We suggest the optimum team size is four people, but experience and age range can have differing impacts on the teams ability to escape!

What are your opening times?Chevron

At present we are open 7 days a week, with our first game available at 10:30am and our last at 6:30pm.

How old do you have to be? (Can I bring my kids?)Chevron

We have no specific lower age limit for players, though we do ask that all children under 16 are accompanied by a paying adult (18+). If you think your child would enjoy being in a strange room, finding and solving puzzles, then they will most likely enjoy an escape room. We have however found that children under 12 can be a little overwhelmed by the experience and not perhaps enjoy it as much as those over 12.

Our newest game, The Mystic's Cabin, contains themes and content that will not be suitable for young children, if your group contains young children we suggest Blackmail will be a more suitable game. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

How much physical activity is there in an escape room?Chevron

Escape Rooms involve finding and solving puzzles, so you will be moving around a room, opening things, looking in, around, and under things. However there is no requirement for any exertion - you will not be required to lift anything heavy, run, climb or crawl.

When should I arrive for my game?Chevron

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your allotted start time in order to hang up coats, use toilets and meet your host, with the aim of starting the experience at your start time.

We do have a waiting area for anyone that turns up early.

Do I need to bring anything with me?Chevron

Essentially no, everything you will need will be in the room, although if you need glasses to read then we suggest you bring them. We have lockers you can use if required and you can take the key into the room with you, or if you you wish to take your personal possessions into the room that is fine - our only request is that pictures and videos are not taken inside the rooms as we wish to keep them secret. Please note any personal items you bring with you, either left in a locker or taken into the room is done so at your own risk.

What facilities do you have?Chevron

We have toilets, a waiting area for early arrivals and can supply drinking water on request.

What happens if I don't get out in time?Chevron

We will endeavour to give your team the best experience possible; If there is no team booked directly after you or if you are very close to completion we will allow you to finish the room. If we do have another team expected, or if you have a way to go after the 60 minutes has elapsed your host will enter the room and guide you through the last stages.

What happens if I am late?Chevron

If you are running late please call us on 07775075081 to let us know. If there is no team booked in the slot after yours then there should be no problem, however if there is another team due then we may need to shorten your allowed time in the room or even cancel your game.

I booked for a certain number, but want to bring extra, can I do this?Chevron

Any additional players beyond the booked number will be subject to an extra charge of £25 per player up to a maximum total of 6 players in the team. At this time we can only accept cash payments for these additional players.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?Chevron

Yes, Gift Vouchers are available through our booking site, they can be bought either as a monetary voucher to give the recipient a discount on their booking, or as a whole game voucher for a specific number of players. Both types of voucher have an expiry of 1 year after purchase, and can be used at any time on any booking slot.

I have a voucher/discount code, how do I use it?Chevron

Voucher codes are entered during the booking process and will automatically adjust your price accordingly. Click here for further instructions on this process.

Will I actually be locked in a room?Chevron

Whilst some Escape Rooms do physically lock you in the room, we have designed our first two rooms such that the doors are not locked meaning you can exit the room at any time should you feel the need. You will be free to re-enter the room too, though please note that the time will not stop if you do exit mid-game!

Do your games incorporate actors?Chevron

Our games do not use actors within the rooms. Your host will escort you into the room, but not stay in for the duration of your experience.

My question is not answered here?Chevron

If you have another question not answered above you can email us ([email protected]) or visit our Facebook page and IM us or call us on (+44)07775075081.