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Using a Gift Voucher or other Voucher Code

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Using Voucher Codes

Welcome to Escape Brum! To use your voucher code please read these brief instructions before accessing the booking site:

  1. First find and select the date and time of the booking you wish to make, choose the number of players and click continue.
    booking screenshot 1 booking screenshot 1
  2. Next fill in your personal details for the booking - Name, email address and home address etc. (You must do this before entering the voucher code) and click  continueSave & Update at the bottom.
    booking screenshot 2 booking screenshot 2 booking screenshot 3
  3. You will be presented with the payment page: drop down the 'Add promo or gift code' section at the bottom, enter your voucher code in the box on the right side, and click add.
    booking screenshot 3 booking screenshot 4
  4. Your basket will now update to reflect the voucher code discount, make sure you complete the booking - you will receive a confirmation email with the booking details.
    booking screenshot 4 booking screenshot 5

Please make sure you follow any conditions set out by the supplier of the voucher code. We recommend using only one voucher code per transaction to avoid conflicts and incorrect pricing

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