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Fastest Times

Room 1: Blackmail

Style: Traditional Office Escape
Number of Players: 2 - 6
Time Limit: 1 Hour

Lord Barrington Smyth is being blackmailed, we've identified the culprit as dodgy Birmingham private investigator Doug Spade.
We need your crack team of sleuths to enter Spade's office in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, locate and extract the evidence being used to blackmail Lord Barrington, before he returns...
Uncover clues, solve puzzles and crack Spade's devious codes to find the evidence and escape the room inside one hour.
Are you up for the challenge?


Number of Players Play in August 2019
and get 30% off
Standard Pricing
2 £35.00 (£17.50 pp) £50.00 (£25.00 pp)
3 £50.40 (£16.80 pp) £72.00 (£24.00 pp)
4 £64.40 (£16.10 pp) £92.00 (£23.00 pp)
5 £73.50 (£14.70 pp) £105.00 (£21.00 pp)
6 £84.00 (£14.00 pp) £120.00 (£20.00 pp)
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Room 2: Coming Soon

Style: ???
Number of Players: 2 - 6
Time Limit: 1 Hour


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