Escape at home with Print+Cut+Escape

Escape Brum is delighted to bring you Print+Cut+Escape in partnership with clueQuest!

Choose from 7 brilliant games including Stolen IQ - the first part of a trilogy of games, and timeQuest aimed at younger players.

Print+Cut+Escape allows you to play your own escape game at home, in your own time. Print out the pack, cut out all the marked pieces and you're ready to go! Get your team together, solve the puzzles, then access the online game system to check your solutions and build the story.

Episode1: Stolen IQPlaying Print+Cut+EscapeEpisode 2: Alpha Brain SystemEpisode 3: Humanity 2.0

You can choose to print the game yourself, or, if you prefer, you can get it posted out. Games start at £15 for print at home versions.

Stolen IQ
Alpha Brain System
Humanity 2.0
Prison of Memories
Mechanics of the Heart
Operation E.G.G.
Episode1: Stolen IQ

Episode 1: Stolen IQ

One of our agents Lisa Hammerschmidt went missing and we suspect Professor BlackSheep behind all of it. She managed to initiate the BlackBox protocol to send us all her intel before we lost connection. Track her trail and help us fight the evil Professor.

Mission Brief

Agent Lisa Hammerschmidth has discovered Professor Blacksheep’s evil plan. For some time now, the despicable sheep has secretly been kidnapping top scientists, and forcing them to join his attempts at world domination. Agent Hammerschmidth has been captured, but in one final act of courage she was able to transfer her files to HQ before being taken prisoner. Your mission is to decode Agent Hammerschmidth's secret messages, to find and free her. Together you can stop Professor Blacksheep in his tracks, and bring our top scientists home.

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